About CLC

The Community Literacies Collaboratory (CLC) facilitates and supports a variety of literacy partnerships – ranging from scholarly research and educational and policy initiatives to community programming centered on various aspects of empowerment and advocacy in Arkansas and nationally. The CLC does this work through a vision centered on an ethics of justice, imagination, community accountability, and love.

Daisy Bates

Audre Lorde

L.C. Bates

bell hooks

Through this vision, we invite all literacy stakeholders – advocates, educators, researchers, and creatives – to dream projects that will help all people practice literacies more fluently, richly, productively, and joyfully. Such partnerships include supporting scholarly research with clear statewide, national, and international literacy and education policy outcomes that can positively impact literacy learning and practice in schools or adult literacy programs, through to smaller programs that focus on literacy development within applied trades and crafts such as farming, sewing, painting, theater, and photography.



We seek to grow and nurture literacy language and practice within communities in Arkansas and beyond


A practice beyond reading and writing, into realms of communication using shared cultural dialects and symbols. This is shown through the clothes we wear and the diversity of community dialects that we honor and embrace


We view the practices of community literacies as taking place within a container of collaboration that values integration

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