Past Seminars

Possibilities Hub

The Possibilities Hub presents seminars, reading groups, or a series of talks that explore a topic through and/or about literacy to expand individual and communal capacity to understand what literacy work can be and do today. The CLC is committed to resourcing all Possibilities Hub seminars with the appropriate educational materials, space, and other resources necessary to engage in a fruitful and transformative deep conversation on the topic of choice.

Our first Possibilities Hub seminar, part of the Brown Chair’s programming for the 2022 National African American Read-In, an annual national program of the National Council of Teachers of English, “Abolitionist Study Group: Literacies Toward Freedom,” was held in Spring 2022. Co-facilitated by Dustin P. Gibson and Stephanie Keene, this 7-week seminar was devoted to utilizing various forms of literacy to examine and practice abolition. In the seminar, the 20 participants engaged topics such as the History of Prisons and Policing in the U.S.; Reform and/vs. Abolition; Queer and Black Feminist Approaches to Abolition; Disability Justice; Carceral Connections Between Psych Wards and Nursing Facilities and Abolition in Practice.

Abolitionist Study Group

A 7-week virtual seminar devoted to utilizing various forms of literacy to examine and practice abolition with facilitators Stephanie D. Keene and Dustin Gibson. 

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